Images that you coundn't even see before

12x12 discrete scintillator module which is consists of 4mmx4mmx20mm of LYSO crystals.


Feb. 27. Hakjae's Birthday

Feb. 23. 핵의학영상기기연구회

Feb. 13. Sooyoung's Birthday

Jan. 27. ICEIC 2016

Dec. 11. Eungi's Birthday

Dec. 21. Kisung's Birthday

Dec. 23. Year-end Party!


The first website of ARALE has been opened. The manager of homepage TF, Hakjae says, "We can not put everything of our company in this website. However we will show our hugry and foolish for the research in it!"

ARALE cluster has been reinstalled. This system has 74 cpus and can compute the GATE ver.7.0 by parallel processing. The manager of cluster renewal, Seungbin says, "It was great time to be with cluster. Now we can finish huge computation jobs in reasonably short time with our cluster machine."


As one of the emerging research companies of radiological science in Korea, ARALE offers a wide range of opportunities in medical imaging research. Now we are looking for cool researchers who are going to study with us.